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About Us

John Norman

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John Norman has been working, training and assessing people in the outdoor recreation sector since 1976.

John's involvement (past and present) has/is with several committees including the Industry Advisory Committee to Service Skills Australia, Outdoor Council of Australia, Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC), Standards Australia, Climbing Gyms Association and the NSW Sport & Recreation Industry Standing Committee advising on Outdoor Recreation and Outdoor Education matters and assisting with the development of industry practices and sector projects.


John Norman


John has

- had involvement in Training Packages including development, consultation and modification since 1999.

- 20 years acting as an "expert witness" in numerous court case throughout Australia in different levels of the legal system, and WorkCover/ Worksafe enquiries and the Department of Defence internal enquiries

- Consultant to the NSW Police department on the content of course structure for the Mountain Biking division.

- 45 years of active participation in the outdoor recreation sector covering all the "skill sets" and activity groupings

- We have an intimate knowledge of the SIS10 Training Package and the complex packaging requirements and variations allowable.

- We have a broad industry network of providers, registered training organisations and practitioners.

John Norman's depth of knowledge and skills; our team's capacity in many activity areas of the outdoor recreation sector and business sectors, is a valuable asset both to our organisation and the greater outdoor recreation and business community.

About Us

Business College Online is a vocational-sector training college located in the Hawkesbury Region in Sydney's north-west suburbs. The College is part of Pooled Knowledge Pty Ltd, a company which has successfully delivered business learning around the world for the last decade. We offer a diverse range of Diploma and Certificate IV courses as well as professional development courses.

Business College Onine is proud to help Australian business owners, managers and career focused people gain a new understanding of the essentials of business management and develop a skill that will be effective throughout their business career.

What we do

Business College Online is Australia's premier provider of management diplomas, business diplomas, human resource management and business administration diplomas, as well as Certificate IV's in business, HR, frontline management and small business management.

We use an online learning platform that is simple and easy to use, this provides a flexible learning environment that can easily fit around your busy schedule and are structured with employers and individual students.

At Business College Online:

- we use exceptional learning materials to ensure that you enjoy your studies

- we provide outstanding support to help you complete your course as fast as you can

- We deliver flexible, on-line learning courses that easily fit around your busy schedule

And we price our course programmes to make them affordable for individuals and businesses.

Our History

In 2014, Pooled Knowledge Pty Ltd developed Business College Online - moving forward the college has focused on affordable online business courses. Pooled Knowledge Pty Ltd trading as Dragon College of Business was founded by Dr David Poole and in August 2013, we welcomed our new owner John Norman. From August 2013, Pooled Knowledge Pty Ltd, Dragon College of Business has no association or relationship with Dr David Poole and his other business ventures.