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BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

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Certificate IV in Leadership & Management


BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

Our recognised Certificate IV in Frontline Management is designed for individuals who are taking on or preparing for supervisory roles in a variety of industries or situations. Applicants may have existing qualifications in a technical field while others will have different experiences in the workplace. All, however will be enthusiastic about improving their management competencies.

Frontline Management provides direct leadership and guidance to others. They take responsibility for the effective performance and functioning of their teams and will often report to a higher level manager. This course will appeal to roles such as supervisors, coordinators or managers. These courses are designed for learners of varying experience, backgrounds and learning styles.




Our Difference

Learning Outcomes and Career Opportunities

Access the latest thinking about leadership & management and apply this to your current and future roles - Develop skills in leadership and learn how to contribute to the leadership of teams - Understand how to encourage workplace safety, innovation and priority setting - Obtain the skills to effectively manage meetings and projects. Successful completing of this qualification can lead to career opportunities such as: Coordinator, Supervisor, Team Leader, Leading Hand. This course provides the foundation for advanced studies in management and for future management roles.

Online Course Delivery

Learn anytime, anyplace. We understand you've got to live your life. While learning is important, so are your friends, family, work schedules, hobbies and passions. Our courses can be started when you're ready to learn. Each unit can be scheduled around your lifestyle. You can choose to complete a unit in a few focused days or, alternatively, time your learning around your job, other commitments and responsibilities.

This is a key feature of our college, no need to attend a fixed time or place. All our courses are at your fingertips, when and where you want to learn. We utilise an online learning platform that is simple and easy to use, this provides a flexible learning environment that can easily fit around your busy schedule.

Assessment Methods

Our business courses have been designed for the use of distance (online learning) and workplace assessment activities. As a competency-based qualification, the assessment tasks seek evidence that participants have mastered the skills and knowledge contained in each unit. Commonly-used assessment activities in our units are quick-learning activities, work-based projects, case studies, discussions, practical exercises and personal reflection.

Enrolment Requirements

This course has the following enrolment requirement:

  • Have access to a fully-functional computer/smart device loaded with a web-browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) and appropriate software applications to read PDF files (e.g. Adobe), produce documents (e.g. Microsoft Word etc)
  • Have access to a computer/smart device with reliable Internet access (ability to download and upload documentation from/to the College's online learning server)
  • Have a current valid email account for online learning and assessment communication and support;
  • Have a telephone and current valid telephone number for learning and assessment communication and support
  • Successfully complete all assessment tasks within the required timeframes.